Saturday, July 19, 2008


No Safety Saturday post today. I'm considering a new format and plan to seek your input soon.

Although shutting off my brain is difficult these days, organizing my thoughts into insightful posts nears impossible. Bear with me!

I may try to structure myself. Any ideas? What do you do when everyday life interferes with blogging, writing, or any goal?


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Anonymous said...

I set aside a bit of time every few days to blog if I can. Otherwise I journal from time to time as I have about 20-30 minutes, as kids are eating, or resting in the afternoon.

My blog thoughts usually come from my journaling, at least the more organized do. I can always tell, going back and reading, which ones I got from ideas in my journal. They tend to be a bit more refined.

I don't know if that helps any, but I thought I would give my two cents worth.

God bless,

Elizabeth said...

yes, this is always a challenge for me...especially b/c I enjoy it so much and need to prioritize.

definitely setting aside time and setting a limit in theory works. :-) i blog after hubby is in bed and/or when Tulip has some independent play after breakfast. :-)

as far as structure. i have 2 things that I do myself...mix-it-up monday & feel good fridays and then i participate in several other bloggers special days. :-) i tried to over-structure once and it didn't work. just a little here and there works for me. :-)

Elizabeth said...

hope you're doing okay! miss reading your posts!

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY is up at my place. :-) hope you join in. :-)