Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Safety Scissors + Creative 4-year-old = Double Trouble

My daughter loves arts and crafts projects. She has grown particularly fond of using "safety scissors." Recently, she decided her doll needed a new hairstyle. Then, she gave her My Little Pony's mane and tail a short, spikey cut.

I allowed her to do this to her toys. Apparently, I should have set clearer boundaries. Later, she asked me to repair a hole in her bear. She confessed that she cut the hole to see what was inside.

Did these events lead me to hide the "safety scissors?" No, the scissors STILL seemed more safe than hazardous to me. I underestimated the ingenuity of my daughter.

My husband found a clump of hair in our daughter's playroom. He thought it was from one of her dolls and asked where it came from. She casually replied, "Oh, that's my hair. It was hanging in my face. I cut it, so I could see."

She now has some funky bangs. Luckily, they are still long enough to pin back in a barrett or pull back in a headband. All safety scissors in the home are NOW secured. They can be dangerous in the hands of a creative 4-year-old.


Angie said...

I remember well the lesson learned with scissors...and the ingenuity it takes to "fix" hair on Sundays...Great post!
Thank you Michelle for your kind words on my LWG post.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

The last time someone had safety scissors that shouldn't have.. I ended up losing my hair....

sad face...