Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are You Limiting Yourself?

What's Really Holding You Back by Valerie Burton
I am reading What's REALLY Holding You Back? by Valerie Burton. Through the first several chapters, Valerie encourages readers to look behind the reasons for not taking action. For me, I found insecurities behind the excuses, masquerading as justification.

For over a year, I have talked about doing safety presentations for children and parents. I made contacts and gathered materials. I volunteered to do presentations for an established organization and through the youth ministry at my church. I was met with enthusiasm. Several dates were set for presentations. Yet, I have not made one presentation. Why?

Although the organization and youth ministry are genuinely interested in my presentations, there has been no follow through. After months of disappointment over no progress, I wondered, "Why isn't this coming together? I have such a passion for this. I know I am supposed to do this. How can bring it about, if other people do not follow through?" I was met with this question, "Why are you waiting on other people to make it happen, when you can do it yourself?" Why was I?

Behind the mask of delays from others, I found personal insecurity. Despite the fact that I know I have the qualifications and drive to accomplish this, I was afraid to take the chance to do it on my own. As Valerie's book suggested, I considered what could be the worst outcome and best outcome if I took action.

  • The worst = no one schedules a presentation, or no one shows up for the presentation.
  • The best = someone schedules a presentation, and the information helps at least one child to be safer.

I asked myself, "What will happen if you do nothing?" By inaction, I waste my knowledge and abilities, instead of using them to potentially impact a child's life and prevent harm. Doing nothing is not an option.

In the midst of the delays, I saw the setbacks as obstructions. Now, I see them as pathways from insecurities to sureness, delightful evidence of God using the experience to empower me to act to help others.

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Joyful said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me. Praying the Lord will give you courage and empower you to act on what He has called you to do. May your life be a delightful evidence of His power, goodness and grace.

That book you're reading sounds wonderful. I think I'll have to look for it.
PS. Would love to know how all you girls get such lovely blog pages! I don't even know how to add a picture!