Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eeewww! Ignorance WAS Bliss!

When travel requires an overnight stay in a hotel, I prefer the room to have a coffee maker. It usually isn't great coffee, and I wish there was liquid creamer. But at least I can enjoy a cup of coffee while I get dressed. Not anymore!

Last night, my husband was channel surfing when he heard a teaser for a story on Inside Edition about hotel cleanliness. Due to similar exposés I have seen in the past, I refuse the sit on the comforter/bedspread, which is not washed frequently. Who knows what someone did on it? The first thing I do is to turn down the comforter/bedspread. At least the sheets and towels appear to be washed. I also will not walk around the room barefoot. Yes, I have some issues.

Inside Edition left dirty glasses and coffee mugs in rooms of several hotels, where you would expect the rooms to be clean. Then, they placed hidden cameras in the room. Apparently, for some of the hotel staff, cleaning the cups means rinsing them out in the bathroom sink, not bothering with soap, drying with a dirty bathroom towel, and not worrying about a little leftover lipstick stain. Yuk!

The hotels tolds Inside Edition that was against hotel policy. I would hope so! Glasses and cups were removed and cleaned properly in many of the rooms. I don't remember the exact percentage, but just thinking about the possibility of the cup not being washed ruins that cup of coffee. Maybe next time I travel, I'll bring a travel mug and liquid creamer packs to enjoy that cup of coffee sitting in a chair, wearing a HAZMAT protection suit.

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