Friday, May 16, 2008

Rubber Chicken Seeks Employment

Gimmicks, used by a job candidate to make his or her resume standout, normally annoy human resource directors. Typically, I do not employ unconventional methods during a job search. However, I received a tip from a friend, who knows the HR director where I was applying, to send a rubber chicken with my resume to increase my chances for an interview.

I delivered plastic poultry, similar to the one pictured above, along with my resume and cover letter, to a business yesterday. My interest in the position, and trust in my friend, led me to risk being referred to as the crazy rubber chicken lady if I get the job. Hopefully, the ploy was more entertaining than annoying. If nothing else, it's humorous blog material.

Stay tuned for poultry updates.

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Richard Jennings said...

I just read about a new service that matches a job seekers unique set of skills with open positions free:

Maybe it helps...maybe not.

Becoming Me said...

Very creative. I hope you get the job

Kelsey said...

I hope you get the job!