Saturday, May 3, 2008

Safety Saturdays (#11) - Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online and Offline


Do all of the acronyms used in text messages, instant messages, chat rooms, social networking sites, and blogs, resemble a foreign language? What is the appeal? It saves time to type less, and parents usually cannot read the message. Try to read the message below and then read the translation.

Are you SITD? It may seem like FMTYEWTK. BTA, WIBNI you understood the QSO? Wouldn't you want to know if the message said A/S/L, WTGP, NIFOC, OLL, or LMIRL? N2M the warnings, such as P911, POS, and TAW. BTW, IHA. I HTH.


Are you still in the dark (SITD)? It may seem like far more than you ever wanted to know (FMTYEWTK). But then again (BTA), wouldn't it be nice if (WIBNI) you understood the conversation (QSO). Wouldn't you want to know if the message said age/sex/location (A/S/L), want to go private (WTGP), naked in front of computer (NIFOC), online love (OLL), or let's meet in real life (LMIRL)? Not to mention (N2M), the warnings, such as my parents are coming (P911), parent over shoulder (POS), and teachers are watching (TWA). By the way (BTW), I hate acronyms (IHA). I hope this helps (HTH).

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